Allgood Financial Monthly -- December 2017 Edition

Allgood Financial Monthly -- December 2017 Edition (1)

What’s Your Risk Management Plan?

Most people couldn’t bear the financial hardships resulting from unexpected events, such as a major house fire, a car accident, a disability or the premature death of a family breadwinner, which is why one of the most important component of a sound financial plan should be your personal risk management strategy.

Allgood Financial Monthly -- December Edition

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LPL Financial Research 2015 MidYear Outlook

Few things can dampen the excitement of seeing the delivery of a long-awaited package on the porch than three words—“some assembly required.” Whether it is navigating the confusing instruction manual, sweating through the complicated assortment of parts, or the sinking feeling that you don’t have the right batteries in the closet, sometimes the hard work comes after the

Five Things to Do Before Meeting With an Advisor

Five Things to Do Before Meeting With an Advisor   

Reinventing Retirement Newsletter 3Q2015

Term Life or Whole Life Insurance – Which is Right for You?

The decision to buy life insurance is one of the most important that we can make in our financial lives. It requires careful consideration of our needs, concerns and priorities.

Want Your Kids to go to College? What Should You Really Expect?

It’s no secret to any parent with aspirations of sending their children to college that the cost of doing so is quickly inching beyond the reach of even the most affluent families. According to the College Board, which surveys college pricing annually, the average cost for an in-state public college in 2013-2104 is $22, 826, and $44,750 for a private college.

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