Age Omne Bonum

(translation – "Do All Good Things")

We strive to help our clients "do all good things" by engaging with them in the financial planning process, creating deep and meaningful relationships that last for generations. Your Financial Security Is Our Business.

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Matthew grew up the 5th child of a small-town Southern preacher. Growing up in those circumstances instilled in him the values he brings to his work today. Combining that with a solid education and credentials from top universities like Vanderbilt University, where he studied Public Policy; Northwestern U’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management, where he earned an MBA in Marketing & Finance; and DePaul University, where he earned a Certificate in Financial Planning, Matthew has the depth of knowledge and understanding to give quality advice to his clients. His 4 years as a banker in commercial lending pre-MBA, and 8 years of Corporate Finance post-MBA work also give him non-advisory, ”real-world” experience to help him identify with clients and the challenges they face.

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Matthew Allgood |
1-Minute Video: Matthew Allgood (331) 229-3224 Allgood Financial Naperville IL Tax Planning, Annuities, Life Insurance
Matthew Allgood |
1-Minute Video: “Householding” is about getting a complete view of all your accounts and holdings. But what’s a view without action? “Smart-householding” takes this view a step further by coordinating all these accounts so they work together to minimize your investment taxes and maximize your after-tax rate of return. This is done through a technique called asset location optimization. By taking all the assets within your household and distributing them to the correct accounts, you’ll...