“Age Omne Bonum”, Latin for “Do All Good Things,” is a motto that sometimes appears with the Allgood Family Crest in Family Heraldry research. That family crest is symbolically represented in the Allgood Financial “Shield & Helmet” logo, which is a constant reminder to us that we want to be about doing “all good things.” In the financial planning and advisory arena, that means doing what is right for the client, first, foremost, and always. With uncertainties abounding in the markets, the economy, tax laws, healthcare spending, and elsewhere, it is not always easy to know what is “right”. And even the “smart” things don’t always produce the results hoped for.

This is where values, vision, vigilance, and experience becomes important. Allgood Financial brings that combination to work with you to determine the appropriate course(s) of action, and then to stay with that course when appropriate … even during challenging times. Whether you need “just investment advice,” or more comprehensive, holistic financial planning and advice, we are here to “do all good things” for you.