Falling Inflation?

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In 2022, the financial markets were gripped by concerns over soaring inflation and the potential actions the Federal Reserve would need to take in order to curb it. In response to this predicament, the Fed implemented one of the most aggressive rate hikes since the 1980s.


Fortunately, it seems that the Fed's measures have been effective, and inflation appears to be subsiding. Key indicators of inflation, such as the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Personal Consumption Expenditure Index (PCE), have topped out and returned to levels seen in 2021. Additionally, the Producer Price Index (PPI), which tends to lead the other two inflation indices, has reached its lowest growth rate in over two years.


Falling Inflation?


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Source: Bloomberg, Redwood. Data as of 4/21/2023. Date Range from 4/21/2017 – 3/31/2023.



Even with the recent progress, inflation remains above the long-term target of 2% set by the Federal Reserve. As a result, the Fed may need to hold interest rates at elevated levels for longer or even raise them further, increasing the risk of an economic downturn.


The balancing act the Fed has to continue to perform, i.e. combating inflation without triggering a deep recession, will keep markets on edge. To manage this uncertainty, investors should have a disciplined investment process that keeps them on track to achieve their financial goals. Our investment strategies prioritize risk management, utilizing rigorous quantitative rules to help investors stay within their drawdown targets.


  • Our strategies are built through continuous, innovative, quantitative research.
  • We believe long-term investment success stems from the preservation of capital.
  • Our mandates include tactical strategies that help limit a portfolio’s drawdown.



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