Muni Meltdown

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Markets had a rocky start to 2022 amid geopolitical turmoil and persistently elevated inflation. One impacted asset class was investment-grade credit, known to be more sensitive to rising interest rates due to IG bonds’ low yields and high duration. With a hawkish Federal Reserve pivot toward an aggressive rate-hike schedule, investors pulled $12.4 billion from municipal funds in the first two months of the year, according to Lipper data.


Given that municipal bonds are an asset class favored for their stability, this was a dramatic pullback – outpacing taxable corporate credit in both the investment-grade and high-yield space. As a result, the municipal bond market ended the quarter with a 6.2% loss, its worst performance in four decades.


Muni Meltdown

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Source: Bloomberg, Redwood. Investor cannot invest directly in index shown. Data as of 4/8/2022.


Investors may be taking profits off the table after “munis” outpaced other fixed-income assets in 2021. Or perhaps their core buyer base is retail investors who are more reactive to planned rate hikes. Currently, high-yield muni bonds are still trending lower amidst fears of rising rates. In any environment, we adhere to our RiskFirst® approach, which seeks to sidestep drawdowns to mitigate risk of large loss.


  • Rooted in quantitative analysis, our portfolio compositions are fundamentally data dependent.
  • Our portfolios incorporate tactical mandates seeking to manage drawdown risk.
  • We believe the key to consistent, long-term investment success is the preservation of capital.



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