What Goes Up Might Come Down!

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What Goes Up Might Come Down!


Incredibly, the S&P 500 has soared almost 20% this year, with 7 tech stocks leading the way. These mega-cap giants, namely Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, NVIDIA, Meta, and Tesla accounted for nearly three-fourths of the index's performance!

Just check out the chart below! A basket with the 7 tech stocks would have delivered a whopping 70% return, while a basket of the other 493 stocks would have returned a measly 9%.


Investing during such a time can be exhilarating, especially for those who own the 7 tickers. The upside can seem limitless, considering the buzz and potential surrounding AI. But just as quickly as something goes up, it could come tumbling back down. A concentrated or improperly weighted portfolio can experience extreme moves in either direction.


In fact, a rally led by such a select group of stocks often indicates that the rally itself is not very healthy. After all, if those 7 stocks were removed, the S&P 500 would have underperformed international stocks. That's why, even in the midst of this rally, it's crucial to have a disciplined investment strategy in place to effectively manage risks and safeguard your hard-earned money.


Heavyweights’ Impact


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Source: Bloomberg, Redwood. Data as of 7/14/2023. U.S. Market is represented by the S&P 500. The U.S. Big 7 are Apple,

Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet, NVIDIA, Tesla, and Meta. Global Ex U.S. is represented by the MSCI ACWI ex U.S. Index.




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